About Vista Montessori

At Vista Montessori Country Preschool, we are committed to enriching children in our care by promoting respect, independence, enthusiasm for learning, and appreciation for self and others.

Using Montessori methodologies, we aid in developing the child's unique, individual self by allowing each child to develop according to their own pace.

Our program accounts for each child's social and emotional needs and his or her academic and physical development. Our academic curriculum consists of language, math, practical life, sensorial, geography, culture, and Spanish.

Our carefully prepared environment and qualified staff allow children to develop self-confidence and independence, inspiring self-disciplined and enthusiastic learners.

We've designed an environment that fosters creativity and curiosity while strengthening the child's self-esteem. Each classroom contains a wide variety of materials that attract the child's interest in all areas. Our natural outdoor classroom and playgrounds have trees, logs, slides, gardens, and climbing rocks– designed for a natural learning environment.
five kids outside digging dirt and grass at Vista Montessori
"I am not a teacher but an awakener"
-Robert Frost
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Frequently asked questions

Will my child learn social skills in the classroom?

Absolutely! The Montessori method places great importance on the strong development of social skills. Part of curriculum is “grace and courtesy lessons.” Students practice things like proper greetings, and making eye contact while speaking. Daily group time allows children to practice their social skills. They are encouraged to express their feelings politely and show respect toward adults and peers. Respect is a big part of the classroom environment.

Are there a lot of worksheets? 

All areas of the Montessori classroom are set up for children to learn concepts concretely using hands on materials. They experience learning through touching, seeing, hearing about it. Abstract learning, or learning with only pencil and paper, comes later when a child has a clear understanding of the subject.

Do Montessori schools discourage children from using their Imaginations?

Montessori allows for individuality. It’s celebrated and encouraged. The environment is set up for freedom of choice and imagination in all areas of the classroom such as in writing activities, building activities, art, outdoor classroom, etc.

What ages/programs do you offer? 

We offer programs ranging from 6 weeks to 2 years in our infant room, 2 years to 3 years in our Pre- Primary room, 3 years to 6 years in our Primary which includes Transitional Kindergarten and kindergarten.

What our student's families say...

"LOVE, LOVE this amazing school!! And most importantly my kids love it too and have so much fun learning. Everyone of the teachers is friendly, kind and caring, not only do they know how to keep the children engaged but they also try their best to make sure the children feel comfortable. Each of the levels is well structured, organized and full of interactive learning. Aside of all the academics and introduction to 2nd languages, children are also building a positive and friendly character..."
Ana Gijon
I love this school!!! My sister’s 4 children attended here so of course I followed suit! They give my child all the love and academics I could ever ask for!!! You can always tell if individuals love their jobs and this school provides it all! 💕hands down highly recommended!!!
Kendra Allen
"This school has been the best thing for my son!!... They saw a good kid with a big heart, who just struggled with figuring out and expressing his emotions. I have seen such a huge improvement since starting him there. They really, really do care about the children that attend their school and want the best for every child. The staff is so great and they do whatever they can to help better your child for the future.
I would recommend to EVERYONE hands down the best place to happen to my son and myself."
Jessica Miller