Vista Montessori kids outside in nature play area
We’re a Montessori preschool for Vista, California (and North County) families who value a natural learning environment that will help nurture your child’s blooming personality and cultivate a lifelong love of learning.

We believe that preschool is more than a child's academic foundation.

It’s the best time for children’s absorbent minds to explore and understand the world around them, develop social skills, build character, learn to overcome challenges, and thrive through independent learning.

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“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but through experiences in the environment.”
– Maria Montessori

Experiential Learning

Our mission is to educate your whole child – tending to their social, emotional, and academic needs. Sparking a child’s curiosity, promoting self-discipline, and encouraging them to learn through discovery helps them respect themselves, their community, and their world.
Following the Montessori educational philosophy, we believe that children learn best by doing; and that happy, self-motivated learners form positive images of themselves – thereby becoming confident, successful people.
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Guiding children to success

We provide a prepared environment and professional teachers that genuinely love helping our students learn at their own pace and style. When children are free to explore in prepared environments, they establish a sense of purpose, process, completion—and success.
toddler doing Montessori activity

Our students love our newly renovated playground set on over an acre. It provides a peaceful and curious space for children to play and become immersed in nature.

five kids outside digging in grass and dirtleafvista montessori outside playground

A day in the life of our students

Children are greeted with a smile when coming into their classroom. They hang up their jacket and select their preferred free choice activities. Then they enjoy some refreshing outside playtime before they sit for circle time, sing songs, and participate in a lesson.
Students get the opportunity to choose activities throughout the classroom. Individual or small group lessons are given based on the needs of the children. They flow freely through the room after finishing one activity and moving on to the next. The curriculum aligns with each child instead of being “one size fits all.”
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What our student's families say...

"LOVE, LOVE this amazing school!! And most importantly my kids love it too and have so much fun learning. Everyone of the teachers is friendly, kind and caring, not only do they know how to keep the children engaged but they also try their best to make sure the children feel comfortable. Each of the levels is well structured, organized and full of interactive learning. Aside of all the academics and introduction to 2nd languages, children are also building a positive and friendly character..."
Ana Gijon
I love this school!!! My sister’s 4 children attended here so of course I followed suit! They give my child all the love and academics I could ever ask for!!! You can always tell if individuals love their jobs and this school provides it all! 💕hands down highly recommended!!!
Kendra Allen
"This school has been the best thing for my son!!... They saw a good kid with a big heart, who just struggled with figuring out and expressing his emotions. I have seen such a huge improvement since starting him there. They really, really do care about the children that attend their school and want the best for every child. The staff is so great and they do whatever they can to help better your child for the future.
I would recommend to EVERYONE hands down the best place to happen to my son and myself."
Jessica Miller